18 February 2009

Puerile but funny...

My thanks to Karl for this one...

There is a drain cover round the corner from us which simply states 'Cock 3 in'.

Made me smile.

16 February 2009

Proof That Romance Still Lives

Saturday just gone was Valentine's Day. Depending on your view point this is either a day to treat the special person in your life or a day to ignore at all costs.

Regardless of your view point I think you have to appreciate the effort that went into this. On the approach to my office, just outside the Co-op and opposite the train station there is an area of paving. At the tail end of last week I noticed that the people who regularly jet wash the paving slabs had washed a heart shape out on the stones. They did this last year as well. I haven't seen them do it so I'm not sure if they use a stencil but it is a perfect heart shape with no wobbles.

The big softies.

11 February 2009

Polish Doorstep Challenge

One Saturday morning a while back, there was a knock on my door.; Slightly irritated I got up from watching 'Football Focus' and went to answer the door. I opened it to find myself looking at two young blonde women. They smiled at me, I smiled back and in quite accented English, they said "Hello, We are looking for Polish speakers."

I shook my head and politely informed them that no one who lived here spoke Polish. We all smiled again and they went away. I'm pretty sure they went to every house in the street.

Proof that you don't have to leave your house to see randomness.

4 February 2009

Cunning Marketing Strategy

This was the exit sign at Chester Zoo. Talk about a captive audience. You can never leave!

Your guess is as good as mine...

We came across this van in Portugal. Not entirely sure what it meant... perhaps the van was powered by a new eco fuel made from hoodies...

2 February 2009

Snow Story 2

Did I mention it snowed today? This one comes from my friend and first blog groupie Colleen.

Outside of a newsagent she saw two young girls with a snowball about the size of a basketball. There was a big argument between them about who was going to go into the shop and who was going to stay outside with the snowball.

In the end they both went into the shop. Fair play to Colleen for not nicking the snowball!

Snow Graffiti

It snowed today. During a particularly slippery walk to work, I came across this little gem which brightened my day.

My route to work takes me through a supermarket car park. Someone clearly had too much time on their hands. On one of the car park walls someone had made an outline of a man with his hands up in snow. In big capital letters next to it they had also written on the wall in snow 'Don't Shoot'. Made me smile.