6 December 2012

Junk Email

Like most people, I get junk email. Most of the time I just hit delete without even reading the subject heading. Today, however, this one caught my eye and made me laugh.

17 November 2012

No Caption Required.

I found this as I was walking home. Think it speaks for itself.

30 October 2012


I'm sorry but I didn't get a photo of this one... Was sort of in a rush but now I come to think about it, I don't think I could have done it without getting the number plate in which is a bit rude...

Anyway, whilst walking around London last night, I walked past  a Bentley. Not such an unusal occurance - it is London after all. What made this slightly odd were the 'L' plates.

You're letting a learner driver drive a Bentley? Really? I'm aware not all learners are liabilities but surely there are more sensible cars to learn to drive in?

Yet again this might just be me...

19 October 2012

Am I just being picky?

As I said in the title, this might just be me being picky... While I accept the Newcastle is part of the world, I wouldn't have said that Newcastle Brown Ale belongs in the world beers list...

17 October 2012

Puerile but funny part 3

Just back in from a night out with a couple of friends at a local curry house - the one that was raided (see previous post Best Curry Ever). On the way home we passed this. Made me chuckle.

14 October 2012

Best paint job ever.

Came across this whilst wandering around some back streets. Painted on the side of the car is what it would look like if the car and driver went through an x-ray machine. It was amazing.

7 October 2012

Insert Witty Blog Title Here...

We went past this one so quickly that there wasn't time to take a photo which is a shame... Last weekend I was in the back of a car driving through Wiltshire on the way to the grand opening of a pub that a friend's mum has just taken over. 

As we were going over a roundabout, I looked to my right and saw a cyclist. Not such an unusual occurance until you add in the fact that he was cycling along smoking a pipe. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone smoking a pipe. Fags yes, pipes no. Not sure if this is a Wiltshire thing...

9 July 2012

Health and Safety Fail

This is the skylight I can see on the flat roof outside my window at work. That small white rectangle next to the lump of moss is a sticker. This sticker reads:
I thought warning signs were meant to be big enough for you to read them!

13 May 2012

Bin Facial Hair

I came across this whilst walking through the town centre one night. Quite why someone thought this bin needed moustaches I don't know but it brightened my night.

1 April 2012

The Shetland Islands - the islands of randomness part 3

This was outside someone's house. They must get fed up with complete strangers pulling up in their driveway to take photos. To be fair though - if you don't want that to happen, don't put a box painted to look like the TARDIS outside your house. This is quite possibly the best garden shed I've seen. We didn't look through the windows as that seemed a bit rude so I don't know whether it was actually bigger on the inside but still...

27 March 2012

The Shetland Islands - the islands of randomness part 2

We passed this at the side of the road whilst driving around the main island. It wasn't really near a house or a farm - was just in the middle of nowhere. Clearly there are some very creative people living in the Shetland Islands who need an outlet. If it brightens up someone's day like this brightened up ours, then why not? Sometimes there doesn't have to be any other reason then to make someone smile.

25 March 2012

The Shetland Islands - the islands of randomness

Last month I undertook a rather epic road trip from the South coast of England to the Shetland Islands via Bury St Edmunds, Newcastle and Aberdeen.
This was the first time I have been to Scotland and I have to say from the little I saw it was very nice. Anyway whilst there I came across several random sightings - hence me writing this blog entry.

So to item number 1...
Unst Bus Shelter and the John Peel Memorial Traffic Island
We came across these on Unst - the bus shelter even has it's own website which explains the randomness much better than I ever could...
Think I am going to have to go some to find a better bus shelter than this...

16 March 2012

Off Duty Father Christmas

I had completely forgotten about this until recently. As I've mentioned in earlier blog posts I went to San Diego a while ago. To get there we had to fly to LA and then get another flight to San Diego. Due to a hold up with getting checked in, we missed the flight we were booked on and so had to go on the standby list.
Whilst sitting in the departure lounge waiting to see if we could get a flight, I noticed an elderly gentleman sat a couple of rows away. He was wearing orange dungrees, a blue and white striped shirt with pictures on and he had the biggest white beard with a full head of white hair. He honestly looked like Father Christmas. Not entirely sure where his sleigh and team of reindeer were. Perhaps the sleigh was getting it's mot and the reindeer were partying in Ayia Napa...

14 February 2012

Health and Safety Gone Mad?

I did try and get a photo of this but the writing was tiny and you couldn't read it...

Was in a travel lodge recently and in the bathroom was a towel rail. Not an unusual discovery. However this one wasn't on. There was a little sticker above it saying that it had been disconnected for safety.

Why not just remove it?

5 January 2012

This season's must have...

I've just got in from work. As you may have seen from previous posts, I have on occasion seen one or two odd things during my various travels. Today's oddity is right up there.
Two guys walked past me going the other way with car seats on their heads. I'm not talking about baby booster seats. These were full blown proper leather car seats balanced upside down on their heads.
The pair of them were walking along as if this was the most natural thing in the world.
I sometimes wonder if it's just me that sees these things...