30 January 2009

An honourable mention...

As the title suggests this one had the potential to be amazing but unfortunately turned into a case of close but no cigar. I mention it merely because what it nearly was is brilliant.

One day a few years ago I was having lunch with my family in a country pub. Was quite a nice day and the pub was on a canal so it was quite busy. Into the pub came a troop of Morris Men kitted out in the full gear. Luckily it seemed they were more interested in a pint of beer rather than demonstrating their dancing prowess. A little while after a coach pulled up in the car park and out stepped a rival gang of Morris dancers.

The first group went out to the car park and for one fleeting glorious moment it looked like there was going to be a Morris Man dance off. Alas it wasn't to be and the afternoon finished with them all sitting around enjoying a pint but the thought of what could of been is worth a smile in itself.

In need of a new crystal ball

My route to and from work takes me through the city's main shopping centre. One of the larger shops is the a branch of a well known bookshop chain. Besides selling the usual books, stationary and coffee, they do on occasion host various events.

Walking past one morning I noticed a poster up in the door advertising a psychic evening. Across this another sign had been placed which simply said 'cancelled'.

'Ha,' I sniggered to myself as I walked on. 'Didn't see that one coming did you?'

The one that started it all...

The following actually happened and is the story that inspired this blog. It happened a couple of years ago now but the story is still worth telling...

One night whilst walking home from a friend's house, my route home took me down a quiet side road behind a parade of shops. To one side of the road is a walled car park for a funeral directors. On the wall next to gate is a sign with the name of the business. As I turned into the road, a small car pulled up in the layby in front of the gate and two lads and two girls got out. So far so normal.

However as I walked closer I noticed that they were taking out from the boot of the car an ironing board, some clothes and an iron. One of the lads then climbed up on top of wall and was passed up the ironing board and iron. This was then set up above the sign. The other lad then climbed up with him and the two of them pretended to iron whilst the two girls took photos. Mission accomplished the two guys climbed down, the car was repacked and the four of them drove off. Now I've heard of extreme ironing but still...

If by any chance one of those four people happen to read this I'd love to see the photos!

29 January 2009


Welcome one and all to A Cornucopia of Compendious Curiosities. Over the next few weeks (but probably more likely months), I will endeavour to record some of the many weird and wonderful things that go on in the world around us.

Anything can be submitted for inclusion in the Cornucopia of Compendious Curiosities. The only provisos are that they have to be things that you have seen yourself (not read about or watched on youtube). They also have to be inoffensive and not take advantage of anyone. This is about celebrating the random fun to had in life not taking the mick out of anyone.

If reading some of the entries manage to brighten up your day than this little blog will have fulfilled its purpose. So if you've got a few minutes to spare, read, enjoy and feel free to share the random little things that brighten up your day.