20 September 2011

The importance of context

Everyone must have been in this situation. There you are, sitting minding your own business, when someone starts a conversation with you and expects you to know exactly what they are talking about straight away - forgetting that whilst they may have been thinking about something all morning, you aren't a mind reader and as a result haven't the foggiest about what they are talking about. "Context! I need context!" has become my stock response to this.

A prime example of this happened a couple of weeks back (admittedly wasn't helped by the fact that the conversation was by text message).

So I'm sat on the train, slightly hungover and I receive the following from my Mum:

"Sat in the garden guarding the pond from a mink".

That was it. No explanation as to why there was a mink in the garden. Turns out there wasn't really a reason for it, it had just appeared but stating that in the original text would have helped with some of the confusion... Or maybe I'm just picky!!