8 August 2010

Life! Death! Prizes!

There is a magazine available to buy from your local papershop/supermarket/train station/whatever that has this as a tag line under the heading. I would buy a copy to get a photo to show you but I'm not prepared to waste the money and I'm not dedicated enough to take a photo of it in the shop. That'd just look weird!!

Anyway - to the point...

Is it just me or this slightly creepy lumping these three together and perhaps a sad reflection on society?

27 July 2010

Park Life

Sort of gutted I didn't see this one. A mate of mine saw someone walking their tortoise in the park over the weekend. On a lead.

Random enough to be walking your tortoise in a park but did it really need a lead? I used to have a tortoise so I know they aren't as slow as people believe them to be but still - wouldn't have said it needed a lead...

16 July 2010

Best Curry Ever

Last week I was sat in one of the numerous curry houses in my current home town with two friends enjoying popadoms and waiting for our curries to be brought out. Then suddenly out of nowhere the place got raided by the UK Border Agency. Three huge bald men and a couple of ladies came in and closed the restaurant whilst they looked at papers. Me and my friends just sat there (was only us three in the whole place) watching the drama unfold!

Luckily no one got taken away and it was all very civilised but was definitely one of the more interesting nights out I've had.


I love Glastonbury. What I love the most is that each of the 177,500 people who went had a completely unique experience. Even in a group of friends I'd be willing to bet no two festival experiences were the same. Anyway, my weekend was amazing. Great music, good company and for once good weather. Also a couple of random sightings - sort of to be expected at Glasto but still...

21 April 2010

Identity crisis

This is from the same car park as the random bill board poster. This is the most unusual shaped cash machine I've come across!! (My thanks to Kim for modelling).

Typically you wait ages for a random sighting and then two come along at once...

Not so cunning marketing strategy volume 4

Saw this billboard in a service station car park on the way back from Wolverhampton at Easter. It looked to be advertising some sort of drink but I have no idea why hedgehogs... Anyone?!

25 March 2010

International Randomness

My thanks to my friend Colleen for this one...

Whilst in Canada recently a man was seen walking down the side of a highway pushing an office chair on which was sat a case of beer. According to Colleen there was no apparent destination for his wanderings so unfortunately the questions that immediately spring to mind with this story will remain unanswered. At least he had somewhere to sit when he got there.

22 January 2010

Been a while

It's been a bit of dry patch for random sightings... Not sure what's going on in the world but I've noticed a distinct lack of randomness or maybe it's just me growing up... I hope not.

Anyway to the point...

Recently in the UK (as the more eagle eyed readers (if there are any) will have noticed) it snowed. A lot. Whilst walking, sliding, falling over on my way home from work I saw a bloke with a cycle helmet on carrying a unicycle. I could barely stand up on two feet and know that cycling on a normal bike was difficult. But a unicycle?! Really?!