30 October 2012


I'm sorry but I didn't get a photo of this one... Was sort of in a rush but now I come to think about it, I don't think I could have done it without getting the number plate in which is a bit rude...

Anyway, whilst walking around London last night, I walked past  a Bentley. Not such an unusal occurance - it is London after all. What made this slightly odd were the 'L' plates.

You're letting a learner driver drive a Bentley? Really? I'm aware not all learners are liabilities but surely there are more sensible cars to learn to drive in?

Yet again this might just be me...

19 October 2012

Am I just being picky?

As I said in the title, this might just be me being picky... While I accept the Newcastle is part of the world, I wouldn't have said that Newcastle Brown Ale belongs in the world beers list...

17 October 2012

Puerile but funny part 3

Just back in from a night out with a couple of friends at a local curry house - the one that was raided (see previous post Best Curry Ever). On the way home we passed this. Made me chuckle.

14 October 2012

Best paint job ever.

Came across this whilst wandering around some back streets. Painted on the side of the car is what it would look like if the car and driver went through an x-ray machine. It was amazing.

7 October 2012

Insert Witty Blog Title Here...

We went past this one so quickly that there wasn't time to take a photo which is a shame... Last weekend I was in the back of a car driving through Wiltshire on the way to the grand opening of a pub that a friend's mum has just taken over. 

As we were going over a roundabout, I looked to my right and saw a cyclist. Not such an unusual occurance until you add in the fact that he was cycling along smoking a pipe. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone smoking a pipe. Fags yes, pipes no. Not sure if this is a Wiltshire thing...