27 March 2012

The Shetland Islands - the islands of randomness part 2

We passed this at the side of the road whilst driving around the main island. It wasn't really near a house or a farm - was just in the middle of nowhere. Clearly there are some very creative people living in the Shetland Islands who need an outlet. If it brightens up someone's day like this brightened up ours, then why not? Sometimes there doesn't have to be any other reason then to make someone smile.

25 March 2012

The Shetland Islands - the islands of randomness

Last month I undertook a rather epic road trip from the South coast of England to the Shetland Islands via Bury St Edmunds, Newcastle and Aberdeen.
This was the first time I have been to Scotland and I have to say from the little I saw it was very nice. Anyway whilst there I came across several random sightings - hence me writing this blog entry.

So to item number 1...
Unst Bus Shelter and the John Peel Memorial Traffic Island
We came across these on Unst - the bus shelter even has it's own website which explains the randomness much better than I ever could...
Think I am going to have to go some to find a better bus shelter than this...

16 March 2012

Off Duty Father Christmas

I had completely forgotten about this until recently. As I've mentioned in earlier blog posts I went to San Diego a while ago. To get there we had to fly to LA and then get another flight to San Diego. Due to a hold up with getting checked in, we missed the flight we were booked on and so had to go on the standby list.
Whilst sitting in the departure lounge waiting to see if we could get a flight, I noticed an elderly gentleman sat a couple of rows away. He was wearing orange dungrees, a blue and white striped shirt with pictures on and he had the biggest white beard with a full head of white hair. He honestly looked like Father Christmas. Not entirely sure where his sleigh and team of reindeer were. Perhaps the sleigh was getting it's mot and the reindeer were partying in Ayia Napa...