26 March 2009

Not so cunning marketing strategy

Recently I walked past on of those advertising boards that has rolling posters in. This one had three posters on it. Two were healthy living posters, the other was a advert for fried chicken. Not entirely sure who decided that those posters should go together but they obviously weren't thinking too much that day.

8 March 2009

Curious Queue Encounter

I was stood in a queue recently waiting to get my lunch. As is quite common in shops, the queue passed next to a stand with various packets of crisps and sweets on.

As I stood in the queue, a lady came up behind me and politely asked if she could just reach past me to some crisps which were at about knee level.
"Sure", I said, stepping to one side. "Thanks" she replied and then added "I didn't want you to think I was weird and just sticking my head up your bum".

Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate politeness. However the little add on just made me smile and in a way was weirder than if she had just pushed past me.

Surreal Shopping Trip

A few years ago I was walking through the town centre of my home town - so far so normal. That is until you add in:

1) A knight in full armour on horse back walking up the main street.

2) 3 men dressed as Elvis on stilts with mini guitars walking through town singing. Was getting quite freaked out by this as they seemed to be following me everywhere.

Never did find out what the event was... Mind you considering my home town, there wasn't necessarily going to be a reason!