30 January 2009

An honourable mention...

As the title suggests this one had the potential to be amazing but unfortunately turned into a case of close but no cigar. I mention it merely because what it nearly was is brilliant.

One day a few years ago I was having lunch with my family in a country pub. Was quite a nice day and the pub was on a canal so it was quite busy. Into the pub came a troop of Morris Men kitted out in the full gear. Luckily it seemed they were more interested in a pint of beer rather than demonstrating their dancing prowess. A little while after a coach pulled up in the car park and out stepped a rival gang of Morris dancers.

The first group went out to the car park and for one fleeting glorious moment it looked like there was going to be a Morris Man dance off. Alas it wasn't to be and the afternoon finished with them all sitting around enjoying a pint but the thought of what could of been is worth a smile in itself.

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